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Brain Repair positioning statement

Dr Angelo Iulianella will present at CAN 2018 as part of the symposium: "Development and function of motor circuits: from hardwired patterning to functional maturation and sensory integration". The Brain Repair Centre and the Department of Medical Neuroscience at Dalhousie are pleased to be sponsors of this international event.  

Gaming meets medicine to become a Nova Scotia neurosurgeon's essential tool. Read what Neurosurgeon - and BRC member - Dr David Clarke thinks on CBC News

Dalhousie medical researcher - and BRC member - Dr Sultan Darvesh - is making great strides in Alzheimer's research and his work can be supported through the Spring DMRF Molly Appeal

Dr James Fawcwett and colleagues reveal that the polarity protein Angiomotin p130 controls dendritic spine maturation downstream of the Lats1 kinase (published in Journal of Cell Biology, Jan 2018) 

Discovery at Dalhousie brain tissue lab could lead to Alzheimer treatment (Jan 2018) 

Attentional dysfunction and recovery in concussion: effects on the P300m and contingent magnetic variation
BRC Researchers Dr Steven Beyea, Dr Aaron Newman and Dr Tim Bardouille in collaboration with other investigators from Dalhousie University, IWK Health Centre, and the Nova Scotia Health Authority. 

Traumatic brain injury: a priority for public health policy (The Lancet, Dec 2017) 

Ventral neural patterning in the absence of a Shh activity gradient from the floorplate
A recent publication on the work of one of the Brain Repair Centre's researchers - Angelo Iulianella & colleagues.

Exenatide once weekly versus placebo in Parkinson's . . . (The Lancet)

Postdoctoral position in neural development - available from the Summer/Fall of 2018, for a 3-year term. 

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