The Brain Repair Centre funds and administers three grant programs: the Brain Repair Centre Knowledge Translation Grant Program, the Brain Repair Centre Research, Dissemination, and Commercialization (BRC-RDC) Grant Program and the Journal Club Support Program.

The QEII Foundation-Brain Repair Centre Discovery (D) Grant Program
The QEII Foundation-BRC Discovery Grant Program is designed to foster creative new lines of inquiry in the field of neuroscience, with a focus on clinically relevant questions. Following guidelines similar to those established by NSERC, the QEII Foundation-BRC Discovery Grant Program aims to support curiosity-driven research which could ultimately lead to significant new discoveries with the potential improve brain health and neurological outcomes in Nova Scotia, Canada and around the world.

The Brain Repair Centre Knowledge Translation (BRC-KT) Grant Program
The BRC-KT Grant Program is designed to move discoveries and inventions along the path to commercialization—with a view to attracting new investment, creating new neuroscience-based businesses, organizations and initiatives, and ultimately to improving neurological health outcomes for Nova Scotians and Canadians. It provides funding for proof-of-principle or pre-commercialization research projects, so that researchers who have reached that critical point in their progress from scientific discovery to useable technology are able to take the next step.

The Brain Repair Centre Research, Dissemination & Commercialization (BRC-RDC) Grant Program
The BRC-RDC grant program supports events and meetings that contribute to the dissemination, exchange, and commercialization of research aimed at improving brain and neurological health outcomes for Nova Scotians and Canadians. For example, the BRC-RDC program provides funding to meetings, workshops, symposia and other events that attract participants from across the country and around the world and provide an opportunity to build collaborations, highlight intellectual property and attract investment.

The Brain Repair Centre Journal Club Support Program
This program seeks to broaden the scope and impact of discussion, and build bridges across disciplines and institutions, by providing small grants to support the activities of inclusive journal clubs in the local neuroscience community.

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