In 2015, the Brain Repair Centre awarded $130,000 in grants to members for their work in discovery research, knowledge translation and research dissemination.


BRC Discovery Grant
2015 marked the first year that BRC awarded a grant for discovery research.

Dr. Turgay Akay received the inaugural BRC Discovery Grant for his work to understand the mechanisms that drive the loss of neurons and motor function in ALS. Full story.


BRC Knowledge Translation (KT) Grants
The BRC KT grants help researchers move their work along the continuum from discovery to commercialization. The BRC awarded three KT grants in 2015, to:

Dr. David Clarke received a BRC Knowledge Translation Grant to field test a mobile app that he and his collaborators have developed to help neurosurgery residents and nurses hone their knowledge and skills of surgical instruments and procedures. Full story.

Dr. Gail Eskes received a BRC Knowledge Translation Grant to transfer a computerized battery of tests for assessing attention from a PC to a mobile format. The new portable attention test will become a pivotal tool in the Cognitive Repair Kit for restoring attention and other cognitive functions following stroke. Full story.

Dr. George S. Robertson received a BRC Knowledge Translation Grant to test the neuroprotective effects of a new compound he has developed in collaboration with a Saskatoon-based R&D firm. Full story.


BRC Research, Dissemination and Commercialization (RD&C) Grant
The BRC RD&C grant helps members host major international conferences and other events that foster the sharing of knowledge and real-world application of research findings.

Dr. Johane Robitaille received the 2015 BRC RD&C Grant to help her and her colleagues at Dalhousie host the prestigious biennial meeting of the International Society for Genetic Eye Diseases and Retinoblastoma in Halifax in August 2015. Full story.



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