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Shaun Boe, PhD

Assistant Professor



School of Physiotherapy, Dalhousie University
Room 407, Forrest Building

Phone: (902) 494-6360
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Dr. Shaun Boe seeks to optimize recovery in individuals with disorders of the nervous system. His research examines adaptations that occur in the peripheral and central nervous system due to disorders of the motor system and in response to their treatment(s). To achieve this, Dr. Boe utilizes a number of techniques, including quantitative electromyography, neuroimaging and electroencephalography. The overall objectives of his research program are twofold: 1) to expand our fundamental understanding of how the nervous system adapts in health and disease; and 2) to utilize this understanding to guide the way we treat individuals who experience motor deficits (i.e., after a stroke). Collectively, the goal of this research is to inform clinicians with regard to both diagnostic and rehabilitative applications in an effort to optimize the potential for recovery.
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