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Tuesday June 4, 2019 @ Waegwoltic Club, Halifax, NS



The low toxicity and unique chemical properties of ruthenium have given rise to numerous therapeutic applications for this transition metal in medical imaging and the treatment of cancer and neurodegenerative disorders. This meeting will bring together Canadian and American experts in the medicinal chemistry and formulation of ruthenium-based compounds in lipid nanoparticles to improve drug delivery. Recent findings will be presented on how this therapeutic strategy can be applied to treat disorders characterized by impaired cell death and survival. A central theme of the morning session will be the role of mitochondrial dysfunction in cancer and neurodegeneration. Dr. Evgeny V. Pavlov (New York University) will describe mitochondrial mechanisms in neurodegeneration. The synthesis and protective properties of ruthenium-based inhibitors of the mitochondrial calcium uniporter (MCU) will be discussed next by Dr. Justin J. Wilson (Cornell University). Drs. Sherri McFarland (North Carolina University) and Shashi Gujar (Dalhousie University) will then describe the development and use of light-activated ruthenium complexes to induce mitochondrial-mediated and immunogenic cell death. This will be followed by a poster session during the lunch break. Dr. Marianna Foldvari (University of Waterloo) will begin the afternoon session by describing recent nanoparticle design strategies for intracellular drug delivery. Dr. Suresh Gadde (University of Ottawa) will then speak about nanomaterials for imaging and drug delivery. Next, Dr. David Lewis (University of Alberta and Entos Pharmaceuticals) will discuss recent developments in the use of fusion-enhancing proteins to improve cellular drug uptake. Lastly, Dr. George S. Robertson (Dalhousie University) will speak about a new approach to reduce reperfusion brain injury after thrombolytic therapy for ischemic stroke by the local delivery of a ruthenium-based MCU inhibitor encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles.


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08:3009:15           Registratio(Bloomingdale Annex)

09:1509:30           Opening Remarks (Bloomingdale Annex)

                                    George S. Robertson PhD - Dalhousie University

09:3010:00           Mitochondrial permeability transition in neurological disorders

                                    Evgeny V. Pavlov PhD - New York University

10:0010:30           Preventing cell death with ruthenium coordination complexes

                                    Justin J. Wilson PhD - Cornell University

10:3011:00           Coffee Break

11:0011:30           Ruthenium-based sensitizers for applications in photodynamic therapy

                                    Sherri McFarland PhD, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

11:30 12:00           Ruthenium-based therapeutics for cancer

                                    Shashi Gujar DVM, PhD - Dalhousie University

12:0014:00           Lunch and Poster Session

14:0014:30           Multifunctional targeted nanoparticle design strategies for intracellular drug delivery

                                    Marianna Foldvari PhD - University of Waterloo

14:30 15:00           Neurotherapeutics for cancer and cardiovascular applications

                                    Suresh Gadde PhD - University of Ottawa

15:0015:30           Coffee Break

15:3016:00           Improved cellular drug delivery using nanoparticles that contain membrane fusion-enhancing

                                    Douglas Brown PhD - University of Alberta

16:0016:30           Suppression of ischemic/reperfusion brain injury by inhibition of the mitochondrial calcium
using membrane 
fusion-enhancing nanoparticles for drug delivery

                                    George S. Robertson PhD - Dalhousie University

16:3017:00           Meeting Summary

                                    George S. Robertson PhD - Dalhousie University 

17:0019:00           Free Time 

19:0022:00           Dinner and Entertainment 


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