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The BRC-KT Grant Program is designed to move discoveries and inventions along the path to commercialization—with a view to attracting new investment, creating new neuroscience-based businesses, organizations and initiatives, and ultimately to improving neurological health outcomes for Nova Scotians and Canadians. It provides funding for proof-of-principle or pre-commercialization research projects, so that researchers who have reached that critical point in their progress from scientific discovery to usable technology are able to take the next step.

BRC-KT program provides funding to projects and initiatives that:

  • apply neuroscience research results to improving the health of Nova Scotians and Canadians
  • allow researchers to conduct proof-of-principle experiments and acquire necessary information—such as toxicology or pharmacokinetic data—from contract research organizations
  • enable researchers to assess the commercial viability of an innovation and/or enhance the value of their intellectual property
  • support technology transfer to accelerate commercialization
  • foster an entrepreneurial culture in the neuroscience research community
  • promote economic development through neuroscience research

 For more information about submitting a proposal to the BRC-KT Grant Program, contact Eleanor Seaman-Bolton, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (902) 494-4010.

BRC KT Grants award history:

2020 BRC KT grants were awarded to:
Dr. Gail Eskes - Attention Training: Development and validation of SpyTrain, a web-based attention training tool in the Cognitive Repair Kit
Dr. Steven Beyea - Optimized MRI Acquisition & Reconstruction Technologies for Screening MRI in Emergency Medicine: An Innovation Partnership with Synaptive Medical
Angelo Iulianella- A genetic method to scale neural organoid tissue size for disease modeling and cell replacement therapies.

2019 BRC KT grants were awarded to:
Dr John Frampton - Development of A Flexible Biomaterial Fiber for Nerve Guidance
Dr James Fawcett - Development of a mouse model for pre-clinical anxiolytic drug testing
Dr Ying Zhang - A Novel Treatment for ALS
Dr George Robertson - A novel lipid nanoparticle formulation to reduce ischemic/reperfusion brain injury 
Dr Raymond Klein - The Attention Network Test Database: A structured resource accessible to clinicians, researchers and knowledge users

2018 BRC KT grants were awarded to: 
Dr Sean Christie - Time Is Spine: Minimizing Secondary Spinal Cord Injury by Hyper-Acute Delivery of a Combination of Pleiotropic Neuroprotectants
Dr Gail Eskes - Assessing Attention: implementing and validating the Dalhouise Computerized Attention Battery (DalCAB) on an iPad tablet 

2017 BRC KT grants were awarded to:
Dr Gail Eskes - Business Case and Commercialisation Plan for a Cognitive Assessment and Repair Technology Start-up Company
Dr Shaun Boe - Motor Imagery (MI) Screen: Rapid and portable assessment of imagery ability for rehabilitation
Dr Jeremy Brown - Integrated Ablation and Imaging Electronic Harware for Guided Neurosurgery
Dr John Frampton - Systems and Methods for High-Throughput 3D Neural Cell Culture

2016 BRC KT grants were awarded to:
Dr George Robertson - Therapeutic support of peroxisomal and mitochondrial function as a combinatorial approach to promote spinal cord repair. 
Dr Alon Friedman - customization, implementation and testing of an image analysis algoritmin in regards to UWFFA data.
Dr Shaun Boe - MiScreen: Rapid and portable assessment of imagery abiltiy for rehabilitation. 
Dr Michael Schmidt -  Neuroprotection using noble gases - deeper insight and next steps in knowledge translation. 

In 2015, BRC KT grants were awarded to Drs. David Clarke, Gail Eskes, and George Robertson. Read story.

In 2014, the BRC awarded KT grants to three research teams. Read story.

In 2013, the BRC awarded the very first round of KT grants to three researchers, pictured above with Dr. Vic Rafuse. Left to right: Dr. Ying Zhang, Dr. Sultan Darvesh, Dr. Alan Fine. Read story.






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